Homemade Yogourt

Makes two Mason jars (1 litre size)

  • 8 cups cow or goat milk
  • 6 tablespoons yogourt (unflavoured, unsweetened, with active bacterial culture. I use Astro)

Spoon Astro yogourt into a dish and set aside to warm up.

Heat milk to 180 degrees (13 minutes in my sold, slow microwave), then let cool to 110 degrees. (approximately 20 minutes)

Remove a cup of warm milk and stir in Astro yogourt.

When the milk is 110 degrees, add the Astro / milk combo and stir well to combine.

Pour liquid yogourt through a strainer lined with cheese cloth to remove lumps, then ladle into prepared jars (I use Mason jars).

Wrap jars in a towel, place them together in a box (I use a picnic hamper), then place the whole thing in a cold oven with the light on.

Leave 8 hours or overnight.

Remove 6 tablespoons of yogourt and set aside to make yogourt next time.

Chill yogourt 3-4 hours then serve.

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