Red River Grains Blend

Red River cereal was great in bread recipes, but – horrors! It was discontinued in Canada in 2020. Definitely the end of an era, as I remember eating Red River cereal as a kid – as did my mom – and probably her mom.

And it’s not just me. Pretty much every Canadian had a dusty red box of Red River cereal kicking around in the back of the cupboard.

After searching the stores for months, I finally realized that Red River cereal was gone. That’s when I started Googling around for substitutes.

King Arthur’s Harvest Grains blend comes close. It’s a mix of millet, wheat berries, oat groats and rye flakes, combined with poppy seeds, sesame seeds, flax seeds and raw sunflower seeds.

I like the a nice crunch, flavour and texture this blend adds to the bread. I also like that it’s cheap to make, and I now have a recipe I can play with.

The recipe below makes approximately 2 kilos of grain blend, or 20 loaves of bread using 1 cup per recipe as I do in this Maple Multi Grain Bread recipe.

To make less, just reduce the recipe by 50-75%, or whatever suits you and your family best.

All ingredients available in Canada at Bulk Barn.


  • 350 g hard wheat kernels
  • 350 g oat bran
  • 350 g spelt flakes
  • 300 g millet (hulled)
  • 225 g hulled hemp seeds
  • 150 g poppy seeds
  • 150 g sesame seeds
  • 150 g golden flax seeds
  • 150 g raw sunflower seeds

Combine all ingredients. Store in Ziploc bags or large glass jars in the freezer.

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