All Purpose? Bread? Pastry? HELP! Which Flour do I use?

Different kinds of wheat flour contain different amounts of protein. You can either buy a specific kind of clour for the job at hand – or if you live in Canada and have access to

Flour Type% ProteinRecommended Uses
Pastry8-9Pie crusts, cookies, pastries, biscuits
Self Rising9-11Quick breads, biscuits
All Purpose10-12Cookies, bread, everyday baking
Unbleached White10.5Soft sandwich bread
Bread12-13Rustic breads, pizza crusts, bread machine
Whole Wheat14Hearth loaves, blending with other flours
High GLuten14-15Bagels, pizza crusts

All Putpose FLour

Who knew – those cheery yellow bags of Robin Hood flour you see in every grocery store in Canada are a hot commodity down in the USA. People on baking forums talk about how great it is, where to buy it and lament that it is not more readily available in the USA.

Robin Hood all putpose flour is

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